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Choose your Game


There's plenty on offer at The Ball Room. 


Wether you're competitive or just play for the fun of it, you'll find

professional gaming equipment and friendly staff to help you get set up. Let's do it!




Want to get on the old green baize? Never played before or haven't played for a while?

Looking to start a sport in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere? Well look no further!


With over 75 Professional Snooker Tables to choose from throughout Scotland, all you need to do

is choose your nearest Ball Room! When hiring out our snooker tables, all of our tables include

the use of all accessories required, including Aramith balls and ash cues.


Most of our locations also include secluded private snooker rooms,

which provide an even quieter surrounding than our main snooker area.


British & American Pool


Want to know the best thing about Pool? It’s almost as hard to look rubbish playing it as it is to get really good. Basically, it’s fun and anyone can play – including children!


All of our Ball Room venues are fully stocked with American and British Pool tables

so even on a busy day, we'll have enough tables to go round

Table Tennis

Ping Pong


Play Ping Pong while enjoying a pizza and a pint... Ping, Pong, Pow!


Ping Pong facilities are currently available in ALL Ball Room venues! We only use

Professional full sized, 9ft table tennis tables, and when hired includes use of our bats and balls.


Where else can you enjoy a bite to eat or even a pint- while playing a game of ping pong!

Simply contact your local Ball Room venue for more details & book your next ping pong night with us!

Or why not hire our tables to organise your own table tennis tournament... or even a beer bong party!






The fact of the matter is that Darts is sexy. It’s the game of the people, and it’s also a provider of bagfuls of fun for those who practice its unique art. If you’re rubbish at darts (and you won’t be the first), you must remember that you are creating much mirth and merriment for your fellow players and thus will be seen as a vital component on a group night out.


Darts is a game of skill, but the good news is that a bit of luck can take you a long way in darts.




Are you In or Out?


Poker facilities are available free of charge in all of our 7 venues. Professional padded poker tables are available, along with clay chips & decks of cards. Deposits & a small rental fee may apply. Simply contact your local Ball Room venue for more details & book your next poker night with us! 


We also hold local poker tournaments in many of our venues, so why not join us! You too may be in with a chance of the top cash prize! Contact your local Ball Room for more details on the next available poker tournament in your area.

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